Selling a Property? - Geelong Conveyancing


I want to sell my property

Are you ready to sell your property? At Geelong Conveyancing, we will guide you through the process and the documents that are required for your sale. Such things that are included in this process are: building permits, certificate of occupancy and structural insurance. This is very crucial due to the fact that your documents will depend on what you are selling. This could either be your new home, old home or a block of land.

Geelong Conveyancing will help you make things easy. We will make it clear as to why you need a Section 32 Statement, and why your selling agent is asking you for this document. In order to prepare all of this for you, a Conveyancer or a legal expert is required.

So when you are ready to sell your property, your real estate agent will be in contact with you. They will require you to provide for them a Section 32 Statement and Contract. The Section 32 Statement will contain all of the details about the property that you as the owner must disclose to the likely buyer. You are obliged to do this under the Sale of Land Act 1962 and it must be given to the buyer prior to the signing of the contract. If you are selling your property by auction, you need to provide more details. These must include a full set of property enquiry certificates. It is vital that you do not forget to include the correct details for these certificates. Most of which must be given to the likely buyer under the Sale of Land Act 1962. If you do not provide all of the required details, you may be giving the buyer a right to avoid the contract and/or a claim for damages from you, the vendor.

So if you’re looking at selling your property, Geelong Conveyancing will take care of you from start to finish. Contact us today to get started.