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Other Title Related Matters

At Geelong Conveyancing, Santina Taranto and her team are there to help you with your title needs. As a certified conveyancer, Santina can assist you with many other title related matters. These matters can be some what confusing and hard to deal with, especially in times of loss of loved ones and in times of divorce. Below is a list of the many issues that they can help you with:

  • eConveyancing - PEXA.
  • Lost Title Applications. If you lose your proof of Title, or if it is destroyed, you can apply to replace it.
  • Boundary Re-Alignments. When you consider a change to the boundaries of your land, this can often be used instead of having to subdivide. This can be done without a permit.
  • Conversion Plans.
  • Lodging and Withdrawing Caveats. A note that appears on the title giving anyone with interest, notice that a third party has the rights over the property.
  • Mortgages and Discharges of Mortgages. When you buy a property you will receive a Certificate of Title. Once the Loan has been paid, you will need to register a discharge to receive a new Title.
  • Probate. To manage the estate and assets of a deceased estate.
  • Matrimonial Transfer. To inform the SRO of a transfer of land between spouses. It may also be from a breakdown of a marriage.
  • Subdivision of Land.
  • Refinancing.
  • Title Searches.
  • Off the Plan Purchases. To buy a property before the construction stage has begun.
  • Deceased Estate Sales. The property and the assets that belong to a person who has died. It may include real estate, money in bank accounts, shares and personal possessions.
  • Auctions. A property that is sold at a certain time and place to the highest bidder.
  • Release of Deposit. To set the amount of deposit for a property sale. This is most likely to be 10 per cent of the buy price.
  • Stamping and Lodging.
  • Commercial Property Sale or Purchase.
  • First Home Owner Grant.
  • Pensioner Concession or Health Care Concession on Stamp Duty.