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At Geelong Conveyancing we pride ourselves on the knowledge and experience of our staff. We provide you service with confidence, and that is our promise to you. We believe that “knowledge is power and experience is service.” That is why you can count on us for the best quality service in Victoria.

There are many reasons why you should come and see us at Geelong Conveyancing. From buying and selling, to transfers and stamp duty, it’s what we do, so you can rest assured you’ve come to the best. Backed by Santina Taranto and her friendly staff, we are there to provide you with all of the advice that you need. With ongoing training and development, we ensure that you get up-to-date advice, no matter when you seek our help. Santina values the many friendships that she has made with other members in her profession. They provide genuine support and strive for excellence in education in the Property Law and Conveyancing Profession.

If you are buying or selling a property in Geelong or any other place in Victoria, we will take care of you. Our experience is vast and varied, and that is why we know our clients will be back. It is our success that has our clients refer us back to their family and friends. So when you buy or sell your next property, expect only the best and most current advice in the market. We have all of the up-to-date resources and software to assist you when you need it.

So contact us now at Geelong Conveyancing. If you are from either Australia or overseas, and you want to buy, sell or develop your next property, speak to us today. We’re here to help!

Geelong Conveyancing is a member of The Australian Institute of Conveyancers (Vic Division).